Pulitzer (2014)   Written and Directed by Riley James. Produced by Sarah Liu.   Official Selection Fantasia Film Festival.    Official Selection Melbourne Underground Film Festival.    In yet another foreign civil-war, a desperate Aussie photojournalist must capture the memorable photo of death that will make her career. Even if it means creating the atrocities herself.    My graduating production with the Victorian College of the Arts, Pulitzer is a dark and savage satire that has become scarily prescient in recent times, with several incidents mirroring the plot.   Still exceptionally proud of the ending.   Featuring Cassandra Magrath, Blake Davis and Luke Christopoulous.  Director of Photography: Joshua Cockfield
   "Don't Come Back Another 100 Times" - Slum Sociable (2017)    Liberation Records  Director: Jem Rankin Producer: Riley James Director of Photography: Rex-Kane Hart